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There are many "myths" and questions related to pole dance fitness. Let's clear some of them up!


What are the benefits of pole dance? Pole dance fitness has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. You can improve overall fitness by burning calories, losing weight, increasing your balance, cardio, toning and strengthening. It can improve your mood, reduce stress, and increase your energy level. This is a fun workout that also boosts confidence and can improve your sex life and intimate relationships.


Am I too young or too old to try pole dance fitness? Women of all ages can participate to some degree. I've had the pleasure of teaching single women, married women, mothers, grandmothers, career women, high school and college students. If you weigh 275 pounds or less, you can take a twirl and climb on the pole. Regardless of weight or stature, you may participate in various aspects of pole fitness.


What if I don't have an athletic or dance background? No experience is necessary for pole dance fitness. The skills and techniques you need will be taught to you.


What if I can't pull myself up? Strength is gradually built to increase your ability to lift yourself up or pull up on the pole. It takes time, commitment and repetition for most to pull themselves up and do so in a safe manner. Pole conditioning exercises will be incorporated in your workout to enhance strength.


I'm afraid of heights, do I have to climb up? Your workout is catered to your specific needs. If climbing the pole is not your fitness goal, there are several other pole moves and components that may be added to your workout. There are also modifications for pole and dance moves. The beauty of pole is making it what you want it to be for yourself! 


What if I have a physical injury or physical limitations? Remember to check with your physician prior to starting a new exercise program. There may be necessary modifications of pole moves to ensure your safety. Pole dance fitness also serves as a rehabilitative component for people with certain injuries.


I'm shy, don't feel sexy, and really don't think I can learn to pole? One of the most challenging aspects for many women is the ability to become comfortable in her own skin. Lucky's Room is a relaxed and non-judgmental workout environment. The goal is that you will gradually come out of your shell, embrace your inner and outer beauty, and feel empowered. Pole dance fitness also includes using the pole as a prop, chair work, floor work, and dance in general. 


Can men pole dance? Absolutely!


What should I wear? Rule number one... no lotion or body oils. This is to ensure your safety on the pole. Otherwise, common pole workout gear ranges from capri leggings, tank tops, tee-shirts, boy shorts, and sports bras. Keep in mind, as you become more advanced on the pole, exposure of your skin is important for proper gripping in particular pole moves. Heels are optional. 


How often should I participate in a pole workout? Consistency and repetition is key for increasing balance, strength, flexibility, and practicing pole moves. If you are unable to complete a pole workout 2-3 times per week, there are alternative exercises to do at home to help maintain your pole skills. Cross training with other workouts is also very beneficial to overall health and wellness.





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