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“What I gained from Lucky is beyond any trick or combo, it was regaining my CONFIDENCE. When I started taking classes with her, I had a lot going on in my personal life and was struggling with being a strong, confident, sexy woman. Well, all of that has since changed! Lucky has a great ability to influence the mood in class by putting on a pair of heels, the perfect song – and more importantly – a contagiously positive attitude. Simply put, she’s a wonderful [pole] role model."

- Aida A, 30 years old


After having 2 back surgeries and gaining 40 lbs I knew it was time to make a change. I had spent many years doing ballet and have such a passion for dance but at this point in my life, age 36, I wanted a workout that was fun, something I looked forward to. I found it in Lucky! With her dance instruction I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. But most importantly, I feel empowered as a woman. It's about feeling good in your own skin and loving yourself for who you are. She has helped me awaken that strong, beautiful woman that I always was. Not only is she the most amazing dance instructor and teacher, but she is also someone I am proud to call my friend. 
-Pappy B.


I broke a sweat. I spun myself dizzy. I was sore for a week after my initial session, but I've been hooked since! I've always considered pole dance a sort of art form, although I've always been hestiant to learn with my two left feet. The entire time, Lucky has been nothing but kind, encouraging, and has shown faith and optimism (despite my lack of coordination) . Even as she breaks down step by step each point to hold, demostrates pivots and turns, directs movements, and guides you to YOUR flow throughout the whole process I was comfortable and felt "I can do this." The entire experince was not only fun but for me liberating in some ways. I will definitely be going back and challenging myself!

-Ledarrius T 29


"I remember the first day I took pole dancing with Lucky, 2yrs ago. I was nervous and excited! I had so much fun! I decided to take private classes with her. She is very motivational and inspiring. She always believes in you and there were days that I did not feel like poling nor think I would ever do some of the things that I can do now; but, she motivated me and pushed me to the point where giving up was not an option. I always look forward to taking her classes. I am thankful to have met a woman like her that has so much confidence and versatility!"

-Jessie O. 28yo


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